Pool motor diagram

Pool motor diagram

Technical Specifications

Under Construction . . .

Pool & Spa Motors

Top quality, dependable motors

Proudly made in the USA

Reliable Performance

  • Specifically designed for pool and spa pump operation
  • Single- or two-speed operation
  • NEMA C-Face or Square Flange motor mounting
  • Long lasting UltimateTM design outperforms any other motor available
  • Readily available as drop-in replacements for popular pumps and motors

By building off of the rich history of superior pump motor performance, Bluffton Motor Works has introduced their AmeriBLUE line of pool and spas motors. Why AmeriBLUE you might ask? AmeriBLUE represents the pledge of quality that Bluffton has had since its inception. Also AmeriBLUE calls on Bluffton's loyal and proud roots of being an American made product. That is something that has not changed since 1944. By not wavering in their commitment to their values and mission, Bluffton has a proven track record of superior products.

The AmeriBLUE motor line offers features that are simply not found in other designs. AmeriBLUE features "The Ultimate" Double Seal System that prevents leaking pumps from ruining the motors, by allowing this water to drain to the ground instead of the internal parts of the motor. The AmeriBLUE motor rotors are dynamically balanced during production, to offer a quieter and vibration free operation. The painted endbells that are standard on the AmeriBLUE offering help to prevent corrosion that can often occur in the environment these motors operate in. Order your AmeriBLUE motors today and see the difference is not just in the paint color!

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